Meet the Artist

What is my background story?
I originated in China, moved to the US when I was in college. Then I married my lovely husband Joe, and we have two precious children. We’ve lived in many different cities throughout the years, from New York to California. Now we’re living in North Carolina. Each city we’ve lived in has added strokes to the canvas of my experiences, inspiring my artistic expressions. I love art, music, piano, fashion, hiking and traveling.
What inspired me to become an artist?
Having grown up in a small town in southwest China, surrounded by lush rice fields and bamboo forests, I developed a strong passion for the outdoors and landscape sketching. Naturally, I was drawn to painting. This interest was cultivated during my teenage years and further developed when I chose to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Art.
How would I describe my style of art?
I’ve been greatly inspired by the works of Abstract Expressionists, such as Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Joan Mitchell. My passion between painting and collecting vintage frames were naturally bonded together over time. I love the contrasting beauty between the contemporary, abstract art and the vintage, traditional frames. Thus, I decided to combine these two elements, and the results turned out to be uniquely beautiful!